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March 25 2018






tubby ran out of wet food and i couldn’t get to the pet store before lunch so i had to improvise and made her a scrambled egg

she is intensely dubious about this non-salmon food item

despite how much she loves eggs when i’m eating them, she had no interest in eggs that had been prepared especially for her. fortunately we were able to escape our driveway and get her preferred salmon and gravy, and while we were out i bought a frame for the @viv-draws print i bought her

her standards have finally been met

a couple of people have expressed concern about tubby breaking her dishes, so i just want to note that sometimes when the cups are misaligned in their tray they wobble a little and make a tiny clinking sound. when this happens instead of eating directly out of her dish, tubby will use her paw to bring the food to her mouth in order to prevent any unseemly noises.

Your cat is a very prim cat.

not to be dramatic but I’d die for tubby

March 13 2018

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i love cats that sit like this. thank you, cats that sit like this

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absolute unit



I just love sleep so much ……. like u just close ur eyes and ur gone bitch ………… brain logged the fuck off ……… powerful


how did my ancestors survive the brutal unforgiving wilderness when I get anxiety sweats from going to Target

March 09 2018

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“no, n-no thank u”

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concept: me but im the person i want to be and i have abs






Hey. LIVING COSTS MONEY! How about giving more money to the companies that employ me and MAYBE I MIGHT BE OK

This is such a funny thing to me because in Thai culture, it’s completely normal to live with your parents when you’re an adult. In fact, most people live in their family home until they’re married ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Saaaame in Pakistan dude and being abroad for grad school is really fucking me up I am not built to be even slightly independent 😂

In Western culture (including America!) it was completely normal for people to live with their parents in adulthood–sometimes until they married, sometimes longer.  In America, that changed (for men) in the 1940s and 50s, when it was really really easy for an 18 year old to get a good job that paid more than enough to live a comfortable life on, or to afford college which would then practically guarantee you an even better-paying job.  Women joined the trend of moving out at 18 in the 1960s and 70s.

And now those jobs don’t exist, or are few and far between, and guess what!  People are living with their parents again.  But that 70-year span was just long enough that it fell out of common memory, and now people are seen as “failures” because the economics have changed.














Friendly October reminder not to put Spock or other Jewish characters in costumes with horns

to clarify: it is an antisemitic idea that Jews have horns (dating to a mistranslation of karan (shone) v keren (horns) ) which was perpetuated in art by the likes of Michelangelo. this is not a thing of the past–some gentiles still believe that jewish people have horns, and putting jewish characters in costumes/aus with horns is insensitive at best and also really fuckin gross

also do not depict Jewish characters as demons there is a very long history of Jews being seen as demons and that being used to kill us 

please do not dress Jewish characters in costumes that are priest outfit or nun outfit or with crosses 

Just to give y'all an idea of how modern the horn issue is: My dad, when he went to college in the early 1980’s, was asked by someone who had never met a Jew before where his horns were. In the 1980’s. My dad was asked where his horns were. This was only 30 years ago. I have been lucky not to deal with that particular stereotype in my lifetime, but that was less than a decade before I was born. And I know other Jews in areas where Jews are scarce have dealt with this much more recently than the 80’s.

Yup. When my mom went to college, her freshman year roommate woke up the first Sunday and started getting dressed for church. My mom was still in bed, so the roommate came over and woke her up.

Roommate: Did you want to come to church with me, or do you have your own church you’re going to?

Mom: Well, I don’t really go to religious services, but if I did I would go to a synagogue, not a church, because I’m Jewish.

(Long silence. My mom opens one eye to see her roommate staring in shock.)

Roommate: You … you don’t look Jewish.

Mom: (Who looks VERY Jewish) What do you mean?

Roommate: Well, my pastor always told me that Jews have horns and a tail.

Long story short: they didn’t end up getting along very well.

@optometrictzedek and @theforestsoulbird, it’s more recent than that.

I’ve been asked about my horns as recently as 1997.  In a public school in New Jersey.

It would b cool of my non-Jewish followers to reblog this!!! Spread this bc it’s scary and real and you should know!

Nope, nope, nope… I’m calling hearsay and shenanigans here. No one I have ever met has thought that Jews had horns. And I’ve met A LOT of people. I understand that despite the number of people I have met and known this isn’t a supporting argument but you would have to be pretty damn stupid to believe in such crap. If anything, I could believe these things were said as a joke, perhaps in poor taste, but not said seriously.

Hey why don’t you listen to actual Jewish people like the ones in the reblogs above you and all over the reblogs and notes in this post before you decide none of them were serious. People still ask this. Why the fuck would I make a post about it otherwise? It’s the result of thousands of years of antisemitism that people believe horrible things about Jewish people that seem unlikely. But people do believe them and do ask these questions.

listen to jews…it’s not a hard concept. why are people so intent on talking over us

No, but really. How could people go their whole life never seeing a photo of a human with horns and a tail, never seeing one horned human walking down the street, never see a movie where an actor has horns, never see a horned person at the mall, but still think theres a population of people walking around who have visible horns and a tail and that by SOME CHANCE they just never saw these people walking around with conspicuous horns and tails?

Antisemitism makes people do some shit and believe some shit that just doesn’t make any logical sense. I swear. I will never understand how a mind can believe all these obviously untrue things that are so harmful. How you can look someone in the face and say “You don’t look Jewish! You don’t have demon horns,” and not reconsider how rude that is to say right to someone’s face to even start with, let alone just how bigotted it is in context.

But I’m glad I can’t comprehend this backwards logic…

Honestly, fuck anyone who calls me and/or my dad a liar. It was *not* a joke. There are only 15 million Jews in the entire world, we make up roughly 0.02% of the entire world’s population, and people (especially before the internet but definitely still now) who grow up and live without ever coming in contact with Jews who are raised on Christian Evangelical anti-semitism really buy into this shit. And then when they finally learn that they are in the presence of Jews and they’re confronted with the reality that their religious teachings about the Evil Jooz was wrong, they’re at a complete loss. This is *not* uncommon, it happens to Jews literally all the time, so if you would just shut up and listen to us that would be fucking great.

Okay, I am possibly uniquely qualified to contribute to this, as I was raised an evangelical Protestant Christian in the American South, and am now Jewish and married to a woman who was raised Jewish.

1. There ABSOLUTELY ARE people who sincerely believe “the Jews” have horns. I have met them. I went to church with them. I know it sounds unreal, but people do exist who believe this. (You guys, there are people who believe the earth is flat. This isn’t that far-fetched.) There aren’t that many Jews in the world so if you’ve never met one, and if you’re raised with the insular, magical-thinking, us-vs-them mindset that evangelical Christianity requires, it’s not that much of a stretch to believe that there are actual horned people out there. Especially since certain evangelical denominations *still* teach that Jews are responsible for the death of Jesus (spoiler alert: we’re not) and that we are “incomplete” because we’re not Christians (further spoiler alert: we’re fine as we are). There’s a lot of history behind that stereotype and a lot of anti-Semitism that still runs deep in American evangelical culture.

2. My wife, who was raised Jewish all over the US and in a couple of different countries (military kid), was asked flat-out where her horns were on several different occasions growing up in the 80s. It’s a thing that happens, even to this day. But you already know that, because several Jewish people on this thread have already told you about that.







laws about minimum wage should apply to disabled people

laws about minimum wage should apply to incarcerated people 

everyone deserves a fair living wage for their labor

wait, they don’t???

Not even close. Disabled folks can be paid as little as $1 an hour in some cases at whats called “subminimum wage.” Prisoners are sometimes forced to work without pay at all.

Hi, I am an attorney in the disability field. Many disabled folks make well under $1 an hour in what are called “sheltered workshops”. There are only three states right now that require people with disabilities to be paid at least minimum wage, and they are Alaska, New Hampshire, and Maryland. Goodwill is a major offender, but there are many, many others. Here is a recent article on the subject:

Also minimum wage actually needs to actually be a fair living wage.

My brother works in one of these workshops. They used to pay by the “piece”, meaning for every product that passed through his hands. He was making about $7/hr, if that. They justified this low pay by claiming to offer “day care” services, but really, it’s a way for major companies to contract manufacturing labor at criminally low prices by exploiting workers who can’t find work elsewhere.He used to work for Papa John’s, but they laid off workers like him during the recession. Due to changes coming in Federal law, they’ve finally started paying him minimum wage (albeit reluctantly), but it’s still not enough to live on without my mom’s help.

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as a customer thats fair to be honest

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Whittier, Alaska, is a town of about 200 people, almost all of whom live in a 14-story former Army barracks built in 1956. The building, called Begich Towers, holds a police station, a health clinic, a church, and a laundromat. Its hallways resemble those of a school . One can often find residents shuffling around in slippers and pajamas.

Because the winters are so ferocious, the town’s only playground is indoors.

(Fact Sources+more info+pics: 1 2) Follow Ultrafacts for more facts

This is some dystopian young adult novel bull.

To be fair pretty much all of Alaska is some dystopian young adult novel bull in one way or another. 

I have only been to the outside of Whittier, that one time I took the ferry from Valdez, and it’s grim-looking as hell.

This also neglects to mention that the only ways to reach Whittier are either the aforementioned ferry, bush plane, or a 2.5 mile-long, approximately 15′x15′ tunnel through a mountain that looks like this inside:

The AKDOT website reassures us that “During the 1964 Good Friday Earthquake (the greatest magnitude earthquake ever recorded in North America) the tunnel suffered no significant structural damage and no cave-ins.”

Also please note that though most of the population now lives in the Begich Towers, the townspeople used to reside in the Buckner Building, which is now abandoned and just. Sitting there. Empty. The building that used to be a whole town. Looking super fucking haunted:

“The constant sound of cascading water echoes throughout the complex. Bears have been reported both wandering the upper floors in the spring and hibernating on the lower floors during winter.” 

that last building isn’t abandoned, it literally says the bears live there now.

This is some Metro 2033 shit. I love it.

March 08 2018

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conservatives get offended by the weirdest shit

imagine masculinity so fragile that you can’t even touch your own face

If you touch a man’s face it’s Gay. Even your own face. Gay face-touching has infected the youth of America.














I worked with toddlers and pre schoolers for three years. Sometimes I accidentally slip and tell a friend to say bye to an inanimate object (“say bye bus!”) & occasionally they unthinkingly just do it.

I’m glad there’s a teacher version of “accidentally called teacher ‘mom’”

when I worked at Medieval Times occasionally I would slip in real life and call people “my lord”

One time during family prayer, dad began: “our father who art in heaven, American Airlines, how can I help you?”

One time my dad went to the White Castle drive-thru and the lady (who was supposed to say ‘Welcome to White Castle, what’s your crave?’) asked, “Welcome to White Castle, what’s your problem?”

She apologized profusely while my dad proceeded to lose his shit laughing.

Yesterday I went to Wendy’s and the girl said “Welcome to McDonalds” and then just sighed

Somebody in the elevator asked me what floor I lived on, and I answered “please open your books to page eight”, and we just kind of stared at each other, blinking.

i work retail full time and my script gets frequently messy - ill ask the same question twice, or say “$2.60 is your total” while handing back their change, or say “how are you doing today?” instead of “have a good day!” like name it ive bungled it

but anyway, this lady came thru my line buying a book and the review on the front said: “few books are well written, fewer still are important, and this book manages to be both”

as i handed her the bag i was trying to say “thanks, youre all set” and instead my brain mashed up the review and i said “thanks, youre important”

there was this short pause in which i tried to figure out what the fuck id just said. she blinked and then said “oh thank you! youre important too!”

the real kicker was one of my coworkers. when i was relating this story later his response was “at least you said something NICE. last week i accidentally combined ‘youre welcome’ and ‘no problem’ into ‘youre a problem’”

one time, since I used to work as a daycare teacher with preschoolers, i was on my college campus in my gym, and someone was running in the weight room and tripped over a machine and fell, and instead of offering to help, I just stared and said, “This is why we use our walking feet.”

we both sat there for a while until the guy nodded and said, “yeah, okay, i should’ve done that.”

I’ve spent a good chunk of time working in kitchens, so I still will reflexively say shit like “behind” and “coming around” as I maneuver through spaces and around people.

Which, actually, not such a bad thing; I’m a big guy and can come across as imposing pretty easily. The position calls can help defuse that, and also help avoid collisions.

Less good is the time my brain was half functional and I let slip a “coming with a knife” while grocery shopping. THAT took some explaining.

I work in an office and send tens of emails to customers every day. Once my mum asked me to send her a train ticket I had bought for her. I emailed her “Hello mum, as agreed, please find attached the ticked you requested. Thanks, Alex”

i worked as a camp counselor, and i would have the kids tap somewhere on my legs if they needed something because im a pretty tall dude. today asked my cat if he needed something.

I have woken up in a cold sweat saying “is that for here or to go?”

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#everyday mood

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A homie really worried. xpost from r/blackpeopletwitter

Can we normalize this type of positive male support or are we gonna keep sayin no homo?

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