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laws about minimum wage should apply to disabled people

laws about minimum wage should apply to incarcerated people 

everyone deserves a fair living wage for their labor

wait, they don’t???

Not even close. Disabled folks can be paid as little as $1 an hour in some cases at whats called “subminimum wage.” Prisoners are sometimes forced to work without pay at all.

Hi, I am an attorney in the disability field. Many disabled folks make well under $1 an hour in what are called “sheltered workshops”. There are only three states right now that require people with disabilities to be paid at least minimum wage, and they are Alaska, New Hampshire, and Maryland. Goodwill is a major offender, but there are many, many others. Here is a recent article on the subject:

Also minimum wage actually needs to actually be a fair living wage.

My brother works in one of these workshops. They used to pay by the “piece”, meaning for every product that passed through his hands. He was making about $7/hr, if that. They justified this low pay by claiming to offer “day care” services, but really, it’s a way for major companies to contract manufacturing labor at criminally low prices by exploiting workers who can’t find work elsewhere.He used to work for Papa John’s, but they laid off workers like him during the recession. Due to changes coming in Federal law, they’ve finally started paying him minimum wage (albeit reluctantly), but it’s still not enough to live on without my mom’s help.

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