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reasons why Shuri was the best character in black panther

  • sees her brother after a v dangerous mission and immediately roasts him
  • continues to roast him throughout the movie despite a) him being king and b) them being in a political crisis
  • a small selection of things she roasts him on
  • his ex
  • his shoes
  • his old outdated technology
  • his ass getting kicked by her inventions
  • “WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSSEEEE?” a true memelord
  • “don’t frighten me like that coloniser!”
  • pretends to challenge t’challa for the throne for the drama of it all 
  • somehow finds the time to completely redo her hair and outfit in a political crisis? iconic
  • sees things in science fiction and invents them
    • names said inventions after bad puns
  • always striving for improvement & understands that just because something works doesn’t mean it can’t be improved
  • “great, another broken white boy for us to fix” she Knows
  • wants to go to california for disneyland and coachella
  • checks which side of the road to drive on in the middle of a car chase bc she’s responsible
  • she’s literally the smartest person on earth??? at 16?? in a world where tony stark and bruce banner exist?????? how can you not love her
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